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Search parameters are separated by spaces and can utilise special operators to refine results.

Art Database

Searches associated tags by default, see the following table for special operators:

:onlyappended onto tag name, ignores children
name:any text, "_" underscore for spaces
description:same as above, "*" asterisk for any
type:"jpg", "gif", "png"
related:"parent", "child", "*" asterisk for any
order:"id", "name", "time", "date", "year", "month", "day", "width", "height", "size", "random", append ":desc" for descending order
time:"hh:mm" numeric, 24 hour time
date:"yyyy-mm-dd" numeric
year:"yyyy" numeric
month:"mm" numeric
day:"dd" numeric
width:numeric, pixels
height:numeric, pixels
size:numeric, kB, rounded 2

Numeric Sub-operators

Numeric operators (time onward in the previous table) can also append "<" less than and ">" greater than signs after the operator. eg: width:>500.

Groups and Tags Database

By default will search names (without requiring the "name:" operator) but can utilise the "description:" operator mentioned in the previous table.


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