art - Suddenly World Peace

Suddenly World Peace

07:53 PM, 18th Jun 2011

And now for an emergency announcement, we cross over to the president of everything on Earth.

Today I bring forward a law to better society. Anyone who breaks this law will be shot in the face. Repeatedly.

From this point forward, should any man, woman or child open their mouth to speak a sentence that is not a fact or a question, it must begin with: "In my opinion, I believe that..."

Wait, I don't understand why they would have to mandate having to say such a phrase which ideally should already be implemented in the hidden rules of societal living.

It's as if there are some people on this planet who have managed to survive for more than two days failing to realise that the world is fundamentally build upon opinions and faith.

The worst part is that even if the repeated shooting of the face is carried out, people will still fail to realise that even though they are entitiled to think, they are not entitiled whatsoever to authoratatively impose thier ideas onto other people who have their own

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